About Us

A Foreign Worker SOLUTION to International Employers' Staffing Needs

We understand that International employers have great need for a reliable and stable workforce to plan and maintain sustainable growth for their companies. Good access to skilled staff can make the difference between your company and your competitors.

Sri Yashika international covers the whole foreign worker staffing process:
  • We identify your particular company requirements.
  • We deal with all immigration process of Canada, Dubai, Saudi, Malayasia and Singapore to get their approval for you to hire foreign workers for your company.
  • We have total control of the whole process. Our experts Recruiters and Immigration Consultants in Canada, Dubai, Saudi, Malayasia and Singapore, guarantee efficient and professional results.

We Have Excellent Knowledge of the Labour Markets

We have an in-depth knowledge of local trade skills; this enables us to match them effectively with Canadian, Dubai, Saudi, Malaysia and Singapore labour market demands.

cooks and chefs
hospitality personnel
light duty cleaners
sales people
telecommunication workers
food and beverage servers
manufacturing labourers
labourers in food processing
general farm workers
agricultur al technicians

*Our candidates have a good level of English and are culturally close to the International countries way of life.

We are Immigration Experts

Sri Yashika International offers the best assistance throughout the immigration process. Our Immigration Consultants who are members of the Immigration Consultants of International Regulatory Council. We can advise you on the most appropriate immigration program based on your company´s needs.

We provide advice and third-party representation before Service Canada throughout the legal process that the employer must go through in order to obtain approval to hire foreign workers (Labour Market Opinion now called Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)).

This includes meeting the advertising requirements of each province and doing all the necessary paperwork. Most of our candidates plan to live in Canada permanently. As Canada offers several programs for those who wish to immigrate, we advise them on which is the best option for them.

We provide the foreign workers with immigration reports. In these reports we inform the foreign worker of the chances of them obtaining permanent residence. This is very beneficial for the employer and for the foreign worker. The permanent residence could be issued near the end of the contract, and it would allow the worker to stay longer with your company.

Also, the prospect of getting permanent residence reinforces the worker´s commitment and loyalty to your company. Foreign workers will make more of an effort to improve their language skills and acquire any complementary skills needed to meet immigration requirements.