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Sri Yashika International

Every year thousands of foreign workers come to Canada through the temporary foreign worker program. The temporary foreign worker program was created by the federal government to fill shortages in the Canadian labour market. The number of foreign workers in Alberta has increased rapidly in the last few years. Other provinces like Ontario, BC, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia have also experienced a great demand of foreign workers.

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Hiring Foreign Workers Temporary Foreign Worker Program
Our Foreign Worker Agency's Benefits Benefits of Our Foreign Workers
Very competitive fees Highly experienced, qualified and hard working foreign workers in many fields
Short visa processing times Loyal foreign workers committed to long-term employment
Hassle Free government paperwork (Labour Market Opinion, LMO now called Labour Market Impact Assessment LMIA) Friendly, adaptable, team-oriented foreign workers
Customized foreign Worker recruitment Live interviews via video-conference
We recruit our foreign workers from India Settlement assistance
ICCRC authorized Immigration Consultants Ecuadorians, Mexicans, Jamaicans and Indians have successfully integrated into the workforces of the United States, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Canada, The United Kingdom, Dubai, Saudi, Malaysia and Singapore
3-month performance guarantee English is the first language of Jamaica, the number one foreign language spoken in Ecuador, Mexico and an official language of The Philippines and India

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Why choose our foreign workers?

Our foreign worker agency specializes in providing the most qualified personnel from abroad for Canadian companies. Our experience tells us that foreign workers:

  • Are loyal and committed to their employers.
  • Exceed the qualifications required for their jobs.
  • Are willing to establish long term labour relations which allow them to seek permanent residence visas to settle in Canada indefinitely.

Why our foreign worker agency (Sri Yahika International)?

  • Customized Recruitment. We conduct customized recruitment based on your specific needs.
  • Total Knowledge of the Ecuadorian, Mexican, Jamaican and India Labour Markets.
  • Live Interviews. Our clients can interview our foreign workers via video-conference, or in person at our offices abroad.
  • Government Paperwork Hassle Free. We advise and represent our clients before the government in order to obtain their approval (advertising/LMO or LMIA) for hiring foreign workers in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • Settlement Assistance. We provide informational sessions to the foreign workers on how to successfully integrate into Canadian society.
  • We have placed foreign workers throughout Canada.
  • Performance Guarantee. We offer a 3 month work performance guarantee.
  • Sample Profiles at NO Charge. Feel free to ask for sample profiles of our foreign workers.

Industries we serve

We serve clients in all parts of Canada. Most of our clients have hired our services in order to bring in foreign workers for Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Through the temporary foreign worker program, we source qualified personnel for the following industries: hospitality, cleaning, restaurant, fast food, food processing, sales, apparel, clerical, customer service, warehousing, manufacturing, parts assembly, construction, oil, telecommunications, agriculture, automotive, electronics, and plastics.

Happy Clients

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